Aviva Activate to a Wider Audience


Aviva Activate Across Multiple Audiences

Aviva Activate Across Multiple Audiences

A great example of using a sponsorship across different markets. This distinctive yellow Aviva advertisement ties in with the company’s backing of the English yachtswoman Dee Caffari.

The Open 60 yacht most recently completed the Artemis Transat and will shortly compete in the Vendee Globe.

It’s great to see some joined up thinking and some good activationof the sponsorship on the water.

It’s also good to see the activation outside of the sailing press. Traditionally, one would expect to see an ad like this in a publication like Yachting World, however Aviva are running the campaign in ‘mass-market’ publications like Time. ‘Intelligent Life‘, the quarterly publication from the Economist is a niche publication, but importantly a non sailing title and shows that the marketing folk have considered multiple, but targeted audiences.