Audi Med Cup 2009 Dates Announced

With four successful regattas sailed and two left to sail in the 2008 Audi MedCup Circuit, the 2009 season is already being planned, with many current teams and interested newcomers beginning to firm up their future plans. The Event Organisers and the TP52 Class Association have jointly announced the regatta schedule for 2009 and a series of changes for the 2009 Audi MedCup Circuit.

Following a series of the meetings of the owners of the TP52 Class a decision has been made to freeze the class rule for two years. This significant step allows current owners and teams planning to build new for next year to have a clear view of the future as far as the investment value of their boats is concerned.


John Cook (GBR), owner of Cristabella and the Owners’ Association Chairman said:

‘These initiatives are really important for the longevity of the class in the context of the Audi MedCup Circuit and represent a fair balance between the needs of the owners of these magnificent yachts and the commercial needs of the event organisers.’

The Audi MedCup Circuit event organisers in association with the TP52 Class Owners’ Association have also proposed a series of cost containment initiatives. Chief amongst these are a reduction of the number of events that make up the circuit from six to five, a reduction in the permitted number of sails and their materials, and the introduction of a new Corinthian Class with a limited number of professionals allowed onboard.

The Cornthian Class will be for ISAF Category 1 or 2 helmsman with maybe as many as half the crew with the same ISAF Categories. The Audi MedCup Corinthian prize will be awarded to the Corinthian Team with the best results from four of the five scheduled events for 2009, effectively allowing one event to be discarded, something that is not the case for the professional category.

The five regatta 2009 Audi MedCup Circuit will follow a similar format to the six regatta 2008 circuit. The provisional dates for the five events are as follows:

2009 Audi MedCup Circuit

  • Event 1 19th – 24th May
  • Event 2 16th – 21st June
  • Event 3 21st – 26th July
  • Event 4 18th – 23rd August
  • Event 5 15th – 20th September

Racing for the fifth and penultimate leg of the 2008 Audi MedCup Circuit will commence in three weeks time on Monday 25th August in the Spanish Naval Port of Carthagina. Sixteen boats from 10 countries are expected to race over the five day regatta.