Who Cares About BMW ORACLE launch?

BMW ORACLE Racing’s new 90-foot multihull yacht touched water for the first time yesterday – but WHO REALLY CARES?

Certainly not Frank Pong, Honorary Chairman of the AC China Team who said ‘(there is) everything to gain for both persons in a settlement for the next AC33 in monohull AC90 boats in multi fleet format, under a set of rules that will reflect the wishes of both. and the other entrants.’

‘(there is) Nothing to gain for either man from whichever way the Final Ruling falls.’

‘A resolution between the two on the next, 33rd, edition sailed with the much faster 90 footer monohulls will regain the applause of the sailing world.

That is what should happen if they are reasonable people ; they do not really need to be reasonable, just being sensible will do.

‘Their lawyers and advisers are most likely urging them to settle, all the points have been made already. Going to the Court of Final Appeal in New York is merely handing something the two persons can resolve, over to a few people who need have little care about the whole issue.

Keen to maintain some dignity, title sponsor of the American team, BMW, made a point in official statements of “Bringing unique technological competence and setting new standards in the area of intelligent lightweight design, BMW has been a key partner in developing the boat. BMW aeronautical engineers, Christoph Erbelding and Thomas Hahn, have stayed with the design team since the 32nd campaign providing unique expertise in finite element analysis, which is a key tool for fulfilling EfficientDynamics requirements in the automotive industry.