Ellison and Bertarelli Meet and…

The warring parties preventing the 33rd America’s from taking place met on Saturday in San Francisco in an attempt to get the historic event back on the water. As Team New Zealand crew members auctioned off their kit to pay bills, the billionaire principals of Team Alinghi and BMW Oracle had a little chat about their spat.


Perhaps jerked into action by the recent announcement by long term sponsor Louis Vuitton of a New Zealand based competition, the talks were described as ‘positive’ by Alinghi and ‘cordial’ by BMW Oracle. Reports said that Bertarelli and Ellison share the same passion for the sport of sailing and for the America’s Cup and they both want to get it back on the water and see an evolution of the event.

The America’s Cup is still in danger of becoming an historical irrelevancy. The event, which traditionally takes place every 4 years is facing competition from events like the Audi Med Cup which races large, technologically advanced boats with professional crew in stylish venues every summer. 

At the meeting, BMW Oracle and the Golden Gate Yacht Club restated their offer to withdraw pending legal action if Alinghi agrees to a multi challenger style event similar to the 32nd event. According the Alinghi press release further meetings will be held in the immediate future between Alinghi and BMW Oracle Racing. Alinghi will also continue to hold meetings with other Challengers to discuss about how to move ahead the America’s Cup.