Estate Master Embrace Team Concept

There is a growing trend within sailing to put together a talented group of indivduals, work them into a team and race whatever is going. Helped along by the becalming of the Americas Cup, teams are climbing aboard different boats in different series and taking their sponsors with them. 

In Australia, the Estate Master Sailing Team is another example. The recently launched website states:

The Estate Master Sailing team concept is not about a focus on an individual or a single boat outcome it’s about the individual maximizing the chance of the team. Right now, our focus as a team is on the Farr 40 program leading to the World Championships in Sydney in 2011.

The Estate Master Sailing Team, I hope will spread over many classes at an international level. The concept is that our brand Estate Master with its splash of green will earn the respect of its competitors for its dedication, preparation and application of science. We know this won’t happen over night – but as they say in that commercial “it will happen” if we apply ourselves.

Apart from the title sponsorship of Estate Master, software for property management, the team is also supported by Hill PDA.