Grant Thornton Sponsors CYCA

The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia has announced Grant Thornton as its new sponsor for the CYCA Short Haul and Short Ocean Pointscore Series.


The Grant Thornton Short Haul and Short Ocean Pointscore Series are an integral part of the CYCA’s Summer Sailing Program. Conducted from September to March, these series are comprised of 26 races and see fleets of up to 60 yachts taking to the harbour in each race of the series.

“We consider that Grant Thornton’s association with Australia’s premier yacht club is integrally linked with our position as one of the world’s leading organisations of independently owned and managed accounting and consulting firms,” said Grant Thornton Sydney CEO , Mark Bisset.

“Many of our clients, contacts and staff sail, and have had an informal association with the CYCA. Additionally Grant Thornton has been involved with CYCA members through the sponsorship of various yachts over the past 12 years, so we know the Club well and are privileged to be associated with its future.” he added.

“The CYCA Summer Series is a key part of the Sailing program and attracts many sailors who prefer the challenge of short haul and competitive harbour racing. I welcome Grant Thornton as a sponsor to the CYCA and their continued involvement in the sport of sailing,” said CYCA Commodore Matt Allen.

The Grant Thornton Short Haul Series will commence on Sunday 21 September with the Monica Geddes Memorial Trophy, and concludes on 14 March 2009.

The Grant Thornton Short Ocean Pointscore Series will commence on Saturday 4 October with the 41st Rubber Kellaway Plate, and concludes on 14 March 2009.