Steve White Still Searching for Sponsorship

Yacht Racing has always been an expensive business. At the top end of the game, teams are becoming more professional, more well funded and more in tune with what sponsors require in return for multi-million outlays. With only fifty days to the start of the Vendee globe and only twenty eight days until Steve White has to be in the Sables D’Olonne, the Vendee Globe hopeful is without a sponsor.

Companies like Aviva, Hugo Boss, Ecover and Roxy all understand the value of sponsoring sailing at this level, but for every sailor who manages to secure the support of such companies, there are good sailors who find it difficult to finalise such deals.

During the individual skipper introductions, Philippe de Villiers asked Steve ” You are extremely keen, committed and determined to take part in the Vendee Globe. You mortgaged your house, formed a team, bought your boat. You are in fact, still looking for partners and are about to set sail against some of the top yachtsmen in the world, thus seeing your dream come true. Is it still a fantastic dream Steve”?

“It is a great dream that is about to become a fantastic reality. It is true, we have no title sponsor at present. The Vendee Globe has driven every decision I have made over the past ten years, and I am not about to give up now. Somehow we will be on the startline.” was Steve’s reply.