Virgin Money gets more Coverage

Branson and Team Origin

Branson and Team Origin

More on Richard Branson (and family) teaming up with Team Origin to attempt the Transatlantic Record.

The yacht, launched as ‘Speedboat’ – now dubbed the Virgin Money, thanks to Branson’s sponsorship – was commissioned by Alex Jackson, a 42-year-old hedge fund manager from New York, who will be on board for the record attempt. The vessel has set him back about $13m (£7.4m) and is built almost entirely of carbon fibre, to make it as light as possible and give it a top speed of 45 knots (about 52mph).

“Alex’s only stipulation was that he wanted the boat to win races and break records,” says Mike Sanderson. “It’s all about boosting power by cutting weight, so the whole hull and decks are carbon, even the sails are carbon. And anything that can’t be made out of carbon is made out of titanium.”

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