Dear Ernesto… GGYC Respond to ‘Relaunch’

The warring parties are getting closer to something they can both live with – well at least they agree with the broad brush-strokes. There are still niggling details that there seems to be a fuss over. 

The Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) has made public, a letter sent from BMW Oracle boss to Ernesto Bertarelli on the 17th of October – before the announcement of the Alinghi ‘Relaunch’ of the 33rd Edition.

While broadly supporting cost cutting measure – sticking points still seem to be a single boat restriction and whether the Defender would compete in the Challenger series.

GGYC spokesman Tom Ehman said Ellison’s letter was sent last week, and there had been no reply. He said the letter was being released in response to this week’s announcement by Alinghi of their intention to try and push forward with AC33 with rules heavily skewed in favor of the defender. “We remain ready and willing to reach a settlement outside of court based on rules similar to those used in the highly successful AC32,” Ehman said. “But, as Larry proposed in his letter, all key stakeholders must be involved in meaningful discussions about what AC33 is going to look like. 

See the original letter here