New Ways to Watch the Volvo Ocean Race Online 1

The Volvo Ocean Race can now be followed using the latest version of Virtual Spectator SailTrac 3D. The software has quite a lengthy sign up procedure (not really sure why they need my full date of birth) but allows race fans to see animation features. With this race viewer you can see current and past positions and performance data, including StealthPlay.

The leaderboard, along with the actual data from each of the eight boats is fully functional. Volvo say that over the next few days more and more features will become available, in particular a full weather simulation and predicted future performance features.

In addition, the coming days will see the release of SailTrac 2D, a separate flash-based (Mac and PC) browser based race viewer. On most computer set-ups, this will require no plug-ins or software installations. All you need is a web browser with flash installed.

For those who don’t want to install the software, the trac-trac race overview is available at

  • Peter day

    When is Sailtrac 2D available?
    I am not allowed to install software on my work computer to watch 3D.