Quantum Power TP52 World Championship Winner

The TP52 World Championship has been won by Quantum Racing after a week of tough racing in Puerto Calero. The American boat, helmed by Terry Hutchinson narrowly beat out Muta Madrilena and Artemis.

Terry Hutchinson, helmsman of Quantum Racing:

It’s a really good end to this team’s season. We are over the top with excitement and incredibly thankful to Quantum Sails for the opportunity they gave us to represent them in the way we did. I really can’t thank everybody enough for the amount of work and support that went in this team.

Ed Reynolds, President of Quantum Sails / Project Manager of Quantum Racing:

It has been an amazing year for the guys; unbelievable team, top to bottom, every aspect of the program, the people that supported it, everybody at the sail lofts, at the company, the shore crew and the naval architects. Everybody did their best this year and that was very rewarding.

More at http://www.tp52worldchampionship.com/ultimanoticia.php