Sunseeker Continue Bond Sponsorship

The new Bond film is almost here. Quantum of Solace opens in the UK at the end of October. The franchise is well known for it’s product placement, and Sunseeker has appeared in the last three.

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Quantum of Solace includes a scene in which Sunseeker International’s managing director Robert Braithwaite appears as a speedboat captain onboard a Sunseeker Sovereign 17 with 007 actor Daniel Craig.

Originally built in 1970, the Sunseeker Sovereign 17 was fully restored in 2005 to celebrate the company’s early years and long history designing and building luxury motoryachts. The Sovereign 17 is used in one scene to take James Bond to Mathis’ villa.

The film will also feature two Sunseeker motoryachts in one of the biggest ever 007 boat chases. The boat chase sequence ,which took three months of preparation and comprised of more than 100 boats in support, features a lead role for the Sunseeker Superhawk 43, from one of the company’s high performance ranges.

Also appearing, the Sunseeker 37 Metre Yacht M4 is one of the company’s latest and largest vessels at just under 124 feet and 200 tonnes. Sunseeker’s 37 Metre Yacht is the company’s most ambitious build in more than 45 years, and the largest semi-custom production motoryacht ever to be built in the UK.

Five Sunseeker models have appeared in the previous three James Bond movies. Casino Royale (2006) featured the 108 Predator with appearances from the XS 2000 and Sportsfish 37; Halle Berry climbed onboard a Superhawk 48 in Die Another Day (2002); and The World is Not Enough (1999) in which a Superhawk 34 sped down London’s River Thames at more than 60 mph in a thrilling boat chase.