Yeah but, No but, he said, we said….

Just when we thought the toys had been put back in the pram and things were back on track with the Americas Cup, the tit-for-tat spat has continued in the media. After Ernest Bertarelli’s interview in the Le Figaro, BMW Oracle responded felt they needed to set the record straight.

The ‘blogosphere’ used charged terms like myth and reality to position the American teams views differently to those of the Alinghi principal. for example:

Myth: The rules proposed by Alinghi are good – it’s just that their public relations savvy and timing aren’t so great. (“We committed a fundamental error… The communication of our vision was very bad. And we paid the price. But a year later, we realize our vision was probably a good one.”)

Reality: Decide for yourself whether the Alinghi rules are “a good vision” for the America’s Cup: First, there will be no neutral officials. All umpires and race officials will be employees of Alinghi’s management company, ACM. Second, ACM sets all the rules for racing and can sanction, restrict or disqualify competitors as it sees fit at any time. Third, for the first time since the advent of a multiple challenger series in 1970, the Defender would control the Challengers’ series. The Defender is even entered in the Challenger series and could affect the results – even exclude a
competitor – at no risk to itself. Overall, the new rules make Alinghi the judge, jury and a participant at the same time – a hopeless tangle of conflicts.

BMW Oracle also said in public statements that a planned meeting between Bertarelli and Larry Ellison had not taken place. Alinghi over the weekend said:

It is with surprise that Ernesto Bertarelli has learnt through the media that the meeting he was expecting to have with Larry Ellison during his stay in Europe is not taking place.

Nevertheless, Mr.Bertarelli and Team Alinghi will continue to hold discussions with all the relevant people of our sport in order to return the action back to the water as soon as possible.

Little wonder that the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series is getting so much attention.