Blood Boils Down Under over Cup

Last week we were accused by some readers of giving Ernesto Bertarelli undue credit for getting some of the would be contenders around a table in the interest of actually seeing an event anytime soon. But Alinghi haven’t silenced all their critics. SailWorld have highlighted some of the New Zealand press who really don’t hold back!

John Dybvig writing in the Sunday Star times described Bertarelli as:

“a by-word for the kind of pushy, greedy, arrogant, ignorant, scheming, intolerant, hypocritical, goose-stepping, blood-gulping, jerk-off that civilised sports-minded people the world over despise.”

If nothing else, the sports loving Kiwis are still passionate about the Auld Mug. We’re getting a little tired of the whole thing. Until BMW-Oracle make a move one way or the other about their legal action, it’s all irrelevant.