Coutts and Conner Cup Comments 3

As the CNEV Regatta gets underway in Valencia with Team Origin showing what it takes to win races, BMW Oracle try keep some media attention on their program and 90 foot trimaran. 

The ‘BMW Oracle Media Team’ have interviewed their own boss Russell Coutts about participating in the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series. Coutts has nothing new to say, except that he is looking forward to competing against Alinghi and that the series will be good for the sport. When asked about Brad Butterworth he said “We’re still friends, but we’re competitors first.”

Coutts reiterated the BMW position that they would drop legal action against Alinghi if “Alinghi commits to fair rules. What we’re fighting against are unfair rules like the Defender appointing the judges, changing the rules at any time for any reason, and excluding or disqualifying a Challenger at any time.”

Meanwhile, the Herald Tribune has run a story about BMW Oracle’s 90 foot trimaran including comments by Americas Cup legend Dennis Connor. The man who lost the cup to the Australians also competed in a multihull for the cup against a challenge from New Zealand. 

Predictably , Connor (whose San Diego base is being used by BMW Oracle) says: “The whole sailing world will benefit by having this out on the race course in a lot of different ways. I applaud Larry Ellison for building this boat. I’d like to see it race and I’d like to see Larry win because Alinghi is trying to shanghai the event.”

  • Peter Huston

    Nice to see you quote “Mr. America’s Cup” Dennis Conner, the man who virtually invented sponsorship in the America’s Cup, as saying that Ernesto Bertarelli is trying to hijack the Cup. What better authority do you need than DC?

    Consider for a moment that DC has been excluded from the Cup because he believes he can’t successfully compete in the sponsor marketplace because of Ellison’s wealth. So, why would DC support Ellison if he did not feel it was just the right thing for the Cup, for the sport to try and stop Bertarelli’s hijacking of the Cup?

    And yes, Origin had a moment of glory, but Alinghi won the event, to absolutely no one’s surprise.

  • FairWeather

    The LVPS in Auckland will be a lot of fun, looking forward to it.

    Maybe they can get the rules fixed in the mean time, it really is one-sided the way they are written now.

  • TP52 Too

    Peter you make no sense. Conner invented sponsorship but is excluded because he cant compete in the sponsor marketplace because of Ellison’s wealth? One of those statements must be shaky.

    There is no reason why the mighty USA couldn’t fund multiple cup teams. One from the east coast and one from the west, but whos side would Mr Ehman be on? The highest bidders?