Coville and Sodeb’O wait 24 Hours

Thomas Coville has postponed his planned departure in search of the solo round the world record by 24 hours.

For the past few days Coville, the skipper of the Maxi Trimaran Sodeb’O, has been observing the evolution of a highly favourable weather window.

The weather conditions enabling a descent from Brest to the equator in less than 7 days looks possible, but there is still some doubt as regards the strength of the wind between the Canaries and Cape Verde. The team is still allowing itself the day to refine the precise hour of departure, which could take place from Tuesday morning at dawn. The decision will be made this evening, at around 2200 hours, after analysing the final grib files.

The situation at the start of the course is proving to be ideal. After setting out from Brest in a NW’ly air flow, Sodeb’O will go in search of a point to gybe in the Azores High, which is positioned a long way north and will then generate a steady E’ly tradewind enabling Thomas to adopt a direct course towards Cape Verde and the Doldrums.

A first team is currently heading towards Brest where the boat has been on standby since 29th October. Their missions? A final careening session, sail preparation and victualling with fresh products…

In order to beat the solo round the world record held since 20th January 2008 by Francis Joyon, Thomas Coville will have to return to Brest in less than 57 days, 13 hours, 34 minutes and 6 seconds.

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