Lewis Hamilton Beats Ericsson 4 to the Line

The finish of the first leg of the Volvo Ocean Race coincided with the final race of this year’s Formula One Grand Prix and the crowning of a new World Champion. Meanwhile in the UK, the football rolled on, there was some international rugby league played and England lost a cricket match in Antigua. All this served to keep the record breaking Ericsson 4 out of the UK papers. 

The Sunday Times ran a story about Ernesto Bertarelli and his mistakes in initial presentation of his vision for the 33rd Edition. It also ran a story about local battler Steve White’s fight to be on the line for the Vendee Globe. Monday rolled around and Lewis Hamilton’s dramatic final lap of the Brazillian Grand Prix buried all other sport from the pages. 

Fair enough in the UK. Lewis Hamilton grew up in Stevenage and drives for the Woking based Maclaren Team, but what about in South Africa where the Volvo circus has arrived in Cape Town? The sports section of the Times; South Africa’s biggest newspaper, has no mention of Ericsson and it’s arrival. 

The Volvo Ocean Race does more than any other event to deliver a state of the art media package to sponsors with embedded journalists and a slick website. But even with stunning photography, compelling video and record breaking physical achievements, the first leg at least has not managed to break out of the sailing press and into the mainstream. 

The Swedish did cover Ericsson 4’s arrival in Cape Town, which perhaps goes to prove that it’s less about the sport and what country the winners come from!