Louis Vuitton Innovate to Give Sponsors Value

One of the problems of sailing in matched boats is giving team sponsors the benefits of a fully liveried boat. Bruno Trouble and the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series have outlined some innovative methods to make sponsors happy. Some of the proposed innovations perhaps should be looked at by series like the World Match Racing Tour (WMRT).

Trouble is quoted in Sail World as saying

“In the current situation, the professional racing teams have nothing to offer sponsors, and one of the purposes of this series is to address that situation, and keep them alive”

As the 12 competing teams will be using the same four boats, the mainsails being used in the series will be fitted with a large transparent pocket into which will be slid the team identification and their sponsor logos. 

All four yachts will be re-liveried retaining their owners’ decals on the bow, with the body of the hull being emblazoned with Louis Vuitton logos, the stern sections are believed to be allocated for the event sponsors including Auckland City, Sky City and NZ Events.

It is likely that all four yachts will feature Louis Vuitton logos on their mainsails as the sail emblem.

Louis Vuitton will provide two jibs per boat, and which is to be used will be specified by the race management. Competing teams will have their own gennaker, which will be one-design and will carry their national flag and their sponsor recognition.

Auckland City will establish a connecting bridge linking the downtown Auckland with the Louis Vuitton regatta village. the village will also carry full television coverage of the racing and graphics produced by Animation Research Ltd.

Additionally there will be the opportunity for the public to predict race winners and times and receive prizes.

Another feature will be racing in O’pen Bic, an Optimist sized yacht and 20 clubs will be asked to send teams which will compete in racing in the Louis Vuitton Village area. After the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series these will be donated to yacht clubs and learn to sail programs.

A full website is currently under development by the Louis Vuitton team, details of its functionality have not yet been announced.