Mascalzone Latino Have a Bet Each Way

Mascalzone Latino have released a statement following the meeting last week of eleven Americas Cup teams. While the team says they will attend future meetings, they side with BMW Oracle but also express a preference for a 33rd Edition that is the same as the last one for economic reasons. The statement reads:

With reference to the last meeting held on October 30th in Geneva among the Société Nautique de Geneve, Alinghi and the challengers to the 33 America’s Cup, Mascalzone Latino apologizes for not having attended due to previous commitments and confirms its participation to the next meeting scheduled on next November 11th.

It further occurs to me to say that, even if we would have attended last week meeting, we would have not signed the letter with the request to the Golden Gate Yacht Club to withdraw the case before the New York appeal Court. As we have said several times, Mascalzone Latino agrees with the Oracle’s goal to organize an event with fair rules in order to give to all the challengers a chance to win. The most simple solution, in order to put and end to this dispute, is to go back to the 32nd America’s Cup Protocol.

With respect to the class of yacht, it doesn’t make sense to create a new class, while the worldwide is getting through the deepest economic crisis after the one in 1929.

A new class means new immediate investments for the research, and at the same time throwing away a class with more than 100 boats already built.

In order to make the Cup to face both the external trauma due to the current economic crisis, and the internal trauma due to the Alinghi’s Protocol and the legal dispute, it’s necessary to go back, at least one more time, to the ACV5 which have already guaranteed exciting regatta. This would help to increase the teams’ participation in the event with a low budget – why not using the yachts from the last edition of the America’s Cup – and above of all, with a realistic economic sense in the search for sponsors.