Mike Golding Talks to BBC about Vendee Globe 1

Yesterday we highlighted Action sports brand Roxy’s approach to the Vendee Globe – compare and contrast with Mike Golding, skipper of Ecover 3 – described by the BBC in a story today:

Mike Golding personifies the stereotypical steely skipper attracted to the challenge. A mental and physical toughness is hidden by his quiet, laid-back manner. 

The interview with Golding is available on the BBC website – a back to basics story.

Mike Golding talks to the BBC about the Vendee Globe (Video)

  • I’ve been looking at the websites of this year’s competitors and I have to say that unlike the new Open 60s, most are ‘under-powered’ and under-delivering (including the official Artemis unfortunately). Since digital offers a real sense of participation I am surprised that sponsors let this happen. I’ve written a blog post about at the site we launched to cover Jonny and Artemis’ progress – it’s a simple blog but this produces an RSS feed (most don’t), allows people to comment and interact, works well with multimedia (very simple – better than many of the players we’ve seen on sites, many of which don’t let you embed them elsewhere – why?!) and is simple and easy to update – and therefore gets updated. We were updating right through the start with images taken directly from the live video, and we’re also using Twitter – in fact, Jonny has a Twitter Mail account that lets him update the site directly from the boat by email. Very easy. Sponsors should think about how they invest the digital budget. They don’t need tons of widgets, tiresome Flash, custom players, stupid games and all the rest of it. What people want is up to date content and insights – that’s engaging. The rest is a waste. I do like The Laughing Cow site – that’s really cool and does a brilliant job for the sponsor Bel. Have a look at the site and read the blog here http://jonnymalbon.com/archives/40