Puma Activate With YouTube Channel

The Volvo Ocean Race does a great job of getting great video back to fans from the middle of the ocean. The official Volvo site includes a video page which features some fantastic up to date footage (though it doesn’t work with the firefox browser). 

While this kind of material is great for hard-core fans, it’s probably not going to be discovered by a new audience. Puma have created a dedicated you-tube channel for their videos and added some cool ‘pre-roll’ advertising to the mix too. This means that someone searching for Puma on You-Tube can be exposed to ‘extreme’ ocean racing and maybe, just maybe some new fans will be picked up along the way. 

The current Editions of the Volvo Ocean Race and Vendee Globe are the first to be run in a world of ‘social media’. Tomorrow, we will look at which teams are using this technology to its potential, but today, sit back and get a feel for a video posted to the Puma You Tube channel just 9 hours ago.