Turner: iShares Cup Sponsorship May Go Up.

Mark Turner has commented on the state of sponsorship in sailing. Speaking at the inaugural Arabian Extreme 40 Challenge Turner said:

“I was at the European Sponsorship Association conference recently and it’s something we were discussing,” he says. “Twenty years ago, sponsorship was viewed as an add-on. Now it’s all part of integrated marketing strategies, and nearly 20 per cent of all market spend – with the multiplication of media channels gettings the sponsor’s message to the client is harder than ever through advertising, sponsorship if often the driver itself of marketing campaigns, not an extra.

“Sponsorship in this circuit may not drop at all, in fact it is the one event area that might even grow.

“You may get the situation where multimillion-dollar companies don’t want to leave sailing, but don’t have the million dollar sponsorship budgets anymore.

“With iShares Cup Extreme 40 campaigns being relatively low budget events – in the hundreds of thousands rather than millions – and offering great business-to-business hospitality, media exposure and public visibility across several countries, they are great value for money and perfectly positioned as belts get tightened.”