Vendee Globe Wallpaper

Okay so this post is really just a blatant SEO trick. Having watched what people are searching for over the last couple of days and ending up on our site, we thought we would give the people what they want. Seems the yacht racing community has not grasped tools like Screenza, used by the likes of NASCAR and Manchester United.

It’s an interesting one. Wallpaper is one of the most commonly searched for terms on the internet and a cheap and easy way to activate sponsorship and get loyalty from fans. Strange then that only a percentage of the competitors have done it.

Here are the links to wallpaper downloads for the vendee globe. 

Dee Caffari – Aviva Ocean Racing :

Sebastien Josse – BT Team Ellen: 

Wallpaper from Can You Sea: 

Alex Thomson – Hugo Boss: Buried in flash site so we can’t give you the exact page, but if you go to:

Then go to ‘the Yacht’ and then ‘Downloads’ you can find them. is happy to host wallpaper for anyone who wants to let us. We will put up a gallery of wallpapers from all kinds of yacht racing. All you have to do is send us the images and we will do the rest.