Volvo Ocean Race Versus the Vendee Globe

Two offshore ocean races are currently underway. While the concepts are different, both are competing for hearts and minds and sponsor dollars. We’ve used Google’s trend product to have a look at how the two races are faring in the online world with some interesting results. It’s not the most scientific of tests, but as a finger in the air, quite revealing. 

The graph above, which can be seen here shows that while the Vendee Globe has more people searching for it, the Volvo Ocean race gets more news coverage. The system of legs also allows the Volvo event to bring the audience back for each start and finish. Digging deeper into the data we can see some other trends which are not surprising. The Vendee Globe is most popular in France, while the search volume for the Volvo race comes from Sweden, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands and Spain. 

You can play around with this tool for hours.

Bear in mind that some searches will be skewed by other events. For example, its almost impossible to work out if there is any impact of the races on specific sponsor brands. Enjoy!