YACHTStyle Wins Asian Design Award

YACHTstyle has won the award for Design and Layout Excellence at the 2008 Asian Publishing Awards. Asia’s newest boating magazine were presented with the award at a gala dinner in Singapore.

Barrie C. Goodridge, Edipresse Asia Publisher and CEO collected the award for YACHTstyle. ‘With over 200 entries from 79 companies in 22 countries, this is an award to be proud of,’ Mr Goodridge said.

‘YACHTstyle is just six issues old but has already won the loyalty of the boating public,’ said Suzy Rayment, Managing Editor of YACHTstyle. ‘We have been receiving extremely positive feedback from boat enthusiasts and others in the boating field…’

The judges noted that ‘YACHTstyle is a meticulously edited publication. Its modern and energetic layout makes good use of panoramic shots, sweeping typography and generous use of colour. The no-nonsense feature spreads with solid typography gave the magazine a fresh look, as well as a touch of class.’

The magazine can be found online at