Audi Promote ‘Mental’ Side of Sailing through Etchells 1

Audi will sponsor the Etchells Worlds 2009, with many of the top sailors competing. Here is an insight into why Audi, put sponsorship dollars against sailing in Australia.

Audi, is keen to see as many big names as possible in Melbourne at the event to raise awareness of the competitive sport of sailing.

Managing Director of Audi Australia, Joerg Hofmann, says that the company welcomes these top-level sailors to a sport where skill and strategy is paramount.

‘Sailing is a highly-strategic sport. As well as being fit and talented, the top level sailors need the will to win and a good strategy to out-manoeuvre the competition. It is difficult to repeat these World Championship wins, but top-class sailors have a certain mental edge that helps them to win. It’s about leadership and a clear focus on the right end result.’

‘As a luxury carmaker in a growing market like Australia, we understand this need to focus to stay ahead,’ Mr Hofmann said.

Audi Australia dominates sponsorship in sailing today and is no stranger to the Etchells Worlds, having sponsored the 2006 event in Perth.

A manufacturer of exquisite cars; sophisticated machines that embody technological perfection, Audi’s success is built on its core values of creativity, commitment and enthusiasm. The company strives to lead the way through constant innovation, setting new standards that define Vorsprung durch Technik.

Auid also sponsor the Med Cup for TP52s in Europe, though they have recently withdrawn funding for the Team Germany Americas Cup campaign and their TP52, Platoon.