BMW ORACLE Refuse to Enter Illegitimate Cup.

The Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) has written to the Americas Cup Defending Yacht Club, Société Nautique de Genève (SNG), saying that they will not submit an entry for the 33rd Edition by the December 15 deadline. Instead, the BMW ORACLE team will continue to try to win the cup through the American courts. The letter from Commodore Marcus Young outlines the GGYC’s reasons for not engaging with the Defender and it’s “sham” Challenger of Record, instead preferring to stand on 157 years of Americas Cup tradition. 

BMW ORACLE has come in for some stiff criticism in recent weeks, particularly from the UK based Team Origin. Both Sir Keith Mills and Olympic Champion and ISAF Sailor of the Year, Ben Ainslie, have accused BMW ORACLE of having a separate agenda from other teams who have sat at the Alinghi table. 

The letter outlines the following points as reasoning for why the American based campaign will not support the current process:

  • SNG created a sham yacht club to self deal and write your own rules for AC33, which were immediately condemned by seven yacht clubs as -the worst text in the history of the America’s Cup.
  • SNG submitted a secret application to your hand-picked arbitrators to rubber-stamp your sham challenger of record and eliminate GGYC – a serious, independent competitor with the experience and capability to mount a worthy challenge. 
  • Before the trial court decision in November 2007, SNG unilaterally cancelled the 2009 America’s Cup and Team New Zealand sued you for it. 
  • When we won the November 2007 decision in the trial court, SNG refused to negotiate a mutual consent, multi-challenger America’s Cup in monohulls that would have put the Cup back on track for a 2009 event.
But while the letter uses emotive language like “sham”, “conspiracy”, “outrageous” and “reckless disregard”, it also says:
As we’ve said before, if we prevail in court as we expect, as Challenger of Record we will once again seek to reach agreement with you on a traditional multi-challenger regatta with fair rules like those that made AC 32 one of the best, most exciting in history.
It’s not clear whether BMW ORACLE and the GGYC would accept the boat rules being decided by those around the table, but given they have had no say in it, one suspects not. 
The full press release can be read here: ggyc-will-not-submit-entry-12-08-08-final