Chicago Yacht Club Bring Mackinac to Facebook.

Here at, we sometimes forget that Web 2.0 and Social Media is a relatively new thing. It seems like every day there is a new, cool, technology that can be used to deliver sailing to a wider (and younger) audience. It’s great to see some of the mainstream getting into the act though. 

The Chicago Yacht Club has announced that it has created a Race to Mackinac Group on Facebook. The clucb feels the need to add that Facebook “is a popular Internet social and business networking website.”  The link for the group is

‘As we begin the next century of racing to Mackinac Island, we are working to develop new ways to share news and information about the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac with sailors and those who follow the Race,’ Greg Miarecki, Chairman of the 2009 Race commented.

‘Our Facebook group represents our most recent effort to leverage the power of the Internet. Through this group, we intend to share information about the Race already available on our official Race website. We also plan to use Facebook to share videos, photos, and stories concerning the Race,’ Miarecki added.

In an effort to encourage Facebook members to contribute videos, photos, and stories, The Mackinac Committee will offer prizes for the best contribution to the Facebook group. Prizes will be awarded monthly. Further details will be available on the group’s home page. 

So far 234 people have joined the group, which is a great start. 

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