No Sponsorship for Mascalzone Latino’s LV Plans.

Mascalzone Latino, have withdrawn from the 2009 Louis Vuitton Pacific Series. In a letter by team principal;
Vincenzo Onorato, the team cites a lack of sponsors as the main reason for not attending the three week event.

The team website includes the statement which includes:

This decision is the result of a lengthy deliberation, and it doesn’t reflect my wish. It is due to the difficult international economic situation which is making nearly impossible to find sponsors that would cover, even partially, the operational costs for a participation aiming a good performance.

For this reason, I wish ‘good wind’ to this event and to all participants and I hope its promoters will keep on with their dedication into our sport with the same passion they always had.

The letter goes on to say that Mascalzone Latino will campaign a Farr 40 in 2009.

Italia and French Spirit are currently on the reserve list for the Louis Vuitton event. It is expected that they will be invited to maintain the original fleet size.