Sam Davies Has Brand Message in Mind 1

Sometimes there is a natural fit between a brand and the sport of sailing. While the production manufacturers seem to fail to see the connection between big, media intensive events and selling boats, the sailors out there doing it understand the importance of delivering for their sponsors. We particularly liked this update from Sam Davies aboard Roxy. 

The speed seems to be determined by how Roxy wants to surf the waves – she is a surfer, after all, and probably knows a whole lot more than me about the subject.

So, I took confidence in my super boat and let her decide where to go, and at what speed. And the result was a great 24 hours sailing. A couple of “oh crumbs how is this one going to end?” moments when I found myself clutching the chart table a bit tight as we careened sideways off a big breaker – but each time for no reason, Roxy just picked herself up, shook off the water, and lined up the next wave.

It’s days like this when I would just love to have use of a “Tardis” (Time machine in the British television fiction programme, Doctor Who) so that I could teleport on board some of the other Roxy girls (the real surfers) to see what they reckon! Lee-Ann Curren, Candice O’Donnell, Kelia Moniz, Kassia Meador – they could all probably give Roxy and I some tips. Although, a “hang ten” (all ten toes on the nose of a surf board) on the bow of Roxy is probably not a wise manoeuvre out here.

Different sponsors do racing for different reasons, but it is hard to see a bank getting the same seamless tie in from a daily update. 


  • It sometime seems that it takes companies like BMW, Roxy, Puma (examples) who’s marketing departments are able to think outside the box and pull of such seamless ties.

    The last Boat Show I attended and Industry Meeting both demonstrated zero creative thinking on how to build stronger relationships with their potential clients or maintain current. Find it frustrating to see the sailing industry members a tad introverted when there are quite a few parallels.

    The competitive side brings an obvious, but with a little creative thought, a savvy marketing mind could find many relate-able relationships to help a consumer build a bond with the product from boat to block.