Today’s Twitterings

  • I wish the eurostar still left from Waterloo. Would have been home by now. #
  • Back in the UK. Heading for London. To go to Northcote road tonight or not. Hmmm. #
  • Checking into the eurostar back to London #
  • Amazed how many times I have heard the phrase. ‘It doesn’t work like that’ or its not that simple unthe last two days. #
  • Had a rant about the lack of activation between racing and selling boats to federation des industries nautiques #
  • I’ve walked around the Beneteau stand 5 times but there is no mention of racing. Not even ‘first’ which is meant to be the racing brand. #
  • Why? Why? Why? Do the manufacturers not connect to the most visable aspects of the sport? #
  • The vendee globe has a stand with live talks to skippers but it is promoting tourism #
  • BMW are activating well with displays tied to j80 racing and through slam #
  • Puma have a white version of il mostro outside the paris boat show #
  • will be attending VIP day at the Paris Boat Show. Lets see why the manufacturers don’t go racing. #

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