Vestas Rocket Takes Off – Video

The British speed sailing craft VESTAS Sailrocket piloted by Australian Paul Larsen has become the worlds fastest sailing ‘boat’ by attaining an average speed over the 500 meter record course of 47.4 knots.


On the following run whilst on target for the Outright world record it literally took off and performed the full ‘Donald Campbell’ in equally spectacular form flying over 30′ in the air upside down.

On the third of December in winds averaging only 22 knots, the super efficient, purpose built craft attained peak speeds of 51.76 knots during the run down the Walvis Bay speed-strip in Namibia. The speed is enough to give the team the ‘B’ class world record and Larsen the Australian National record.

Pilot Paul Larsen – ‘Conditions were perfect and I was hungry to begin the record haul. After seven years of testing and refining this wonderful concept craft, I calmly felt that if it was going to happen… it would be today.

VESTAS Sailrocket flew down the course in perfect control. I sat at about 90-5% power and concentrated on sailing a good straight course close to the beach where the flat water was. I knew it was fast but was pretty surprised at the end at how fast it was… especially as I knew there was more to come.

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