Winning Tides – More Tach Tech

Tides are a wonderful part of yacht racing. Those who count the Solent as one of the great places to go sailing often include the challenge of the tide in their reasoning. In long offshore races, using the tide can make huge differences, especially amongst closely matched boats.

Three of the top four champions after handicap in the 65th Rolex Sydney Hobart Race used GRIB data from Tidetech including overall winner Quest, third place-getter Wot Now and fourth placed Yendys.

Navigator on Quest, Bruce Baker said Tidetech’s technology helped them achieve their win.

‘We have been testing Tidetech’s GRIB files with data from the CSIRO for the last month now and have found it to be pretty accurate. This meant that on this Sydney to Hobart race we could use them in our tactical routing software with confidence and we believe that the information made a difference to our overall result.’

Navigator on Quantum Racing (which won their division and came sixth after handicap overall), Bryan Northcote said the current GRIB file provided by Tidetech is the most accurate he has used.

‘I was able run the Optimum route using Expedition software for Quantum Racing using the Current GRIB in combination with four different Wind GRIB files. In reality the SST and current position & direction enabled us to confidently make tactical decisions regarding wind speed & direction that are more susceptible to change.

‘At sea, the information contained in the current GRIB was very accurate. Any navigator or tactician using routing software such as Expedition could not confidently use the Optimum route program without using a current GRIB file produced by Tidetech when comparing effects of wind and current to produce an optimum route.’

The next race on the Australian’ calendar that is being serviced by Tidetech is the Pittwater to Coffs Harbour event.