2009 Yacht Racing Calendar 1

We’d love to give you a nice outlook on the year, all neatly packaged up so you know where you need to be when, which events clash with others and how to plan your travel and budgets… but the Yacht Racing Industry is not quite there yet, so here on the 2nd of January 2009, many of the calendars for some of the world’s most ‘professional’ events are not confirmed. 

We’ve had a go at a Calendar, based on what we know from some of the organisers. It’s in Google format, which means you can synchronise it with your Outlook or blackberry, or whatever you want to synchronise it with.

If you want to be an editor, let us know and we will set you up so that you can edit dates, add information, links etc. 

View the 2009 Calendar here…

  • Thanks for the schedule. I understand that some dates may change.