Another Amicus – Team Origin and Royal Thames Yacht Club

The Royal Thames Yacht Club (RTYC) challenged for the first Americas Cup in 1870. Yesterday, the club together with TEAMORIGIN, the British Challenger for the 33rd America’s Cup, filed a request with the New York Court of Appeals to accept an Amicus Brief in support of the Société Nautique de Genève.

The brief argues that as neither the GGYC or the NYYC are challengers and have not been part of the process, they are in no position to argue what is fair and what isn’t.

More interesting are the examples where the San Diego Yacht Club accepted challenges from yacht clubs without boats or physical premises. Included is a decision from the New York court that compelled SDYC to accept Mercury Bay Boating Club as a Challenger of Record – a club that today would meet all the requirements of a “Sham” yacht club.

Sir Keith Mills, Team Principal of TEAMORIGIN commented

Together with the Royal Thames Yacht Club, we have decided to issue this Amicus Brief today to make a very specific point that I feel has not yet been highlighted : notwithstanding the legal status and opinions about CNEV and the original Protocol document as issued back in 2007, the more significant point to note is that throughout the Royal Thames and TEAMORIGIN’s involvement in the 33rd America’s Cup, CNEV in its capacity as the Challengers accepted ‘Challenger of Record’ has collaborated and engaged with us and the other 19 Challenging Teams in the development of a new, fair and improved Protocol.

We have invested considerable time and effort, expertise and expense along with Alinghi as Defender, CNEV and the other Challengers in the development of the latest Protocol and I firmly believe this will lead to the most inclusive and successful America’s Cup we’ve ever seen . No one wishes to see all this good work undone at this advanced stage, nor the significant costs and time spent thus far wasted.

Peter Haslehurst, Vice Commodore of the Royal Thames Yacht Club, added

The Royal Thames Yacht Club is the oldest Royal Yacht Club in Britain. We were the Challenging Yacht Club for the first America’s Cup in 1870 and formed an alliance with TEAMORIGIN in July 2007 with a view to entering a fair and thrilling 33rd America’s Cup event. We have been extensively involved in the debates and discussions concerning the development of the Protocol for the 33rd America’s Cup and we see this as an ongoing collaborative process that will continue into 2009. We are satisfied that many of the previously identified issues raised about the original Protocol have now been overcome and look forward to the ongoing development during the coming year. With this Amicus Brief, we urge the Court to confirm the order of the Appellate Division and let the 19 teams move forward and compete in the 33rd America’s Cup event.