Better Get a Lawyer Son. Better Get a Real Good One.

Forget sailing as a path to riches, instead get yourself a law degree and a practise that allows you to submit information to the New York courts. While the Americas Cup teams cry poor – somehow the money is found to instruct attorneys to file Amicus Briefs for and against the appeal in the NY Court of Appeals. 

In addition to the brief from the New York Yacht Club (NNYC), two more have been submitted. The first is a joint effort from Team Shosholoza and Team French Spirit. This one is aimed at the NYYC and says 

mici is familiar with the historic practices of the New York Yacht Club, which was the subject of contemporaneous criticism, and seeks leave to submit an amicus brief to correct factual misstatements made by the NYYC.

The text itself says that although the NYYC was the holder of the cup for an extended period of time, it has not been involved since 2002, and therefore has no idea about the current protocol. 

Whether the NYYC knows about the protocol is irrelevant, as this case is about the Deed of Gift, which the NYYC knows better than anyone else. The club used every loophole it could to keep the mug. 

The other brief that has come to light is from Bill Koch, a former America’s Cup winner. Koch’s brief outlines his credientials as an owner and memorabilia owner and publisher. His arguments are commercial in nature. While the document from Koch uses the same ‘SHAM’ allegation of CNEV as all the other American briefs, there are some strange arguments. 

CNEV is shockingly refferred to as “nothing more than a federation of sports clubs and individuals who promote the sport of sailing.” If promoting the sport of sailing is now a crime, then we’re all in trouble. 

Certainly the only thing that is being promoted at the moment are the legal firms of New York.