Bill Koch Offers the Millionaire View

Bill Koch, who on January 1st filed an amicus brief in the court battle between BMW ORACLE and ALINGHI, has spoken to Marian Martin about his reasons, the dirty tricks of yacht clubs in days gone by and the motivations of Ernesto Bertarelli. 

Koch’s answers are honest, if not always consistent. The main gripe? That Ernesto Bertarelli will make too much money if the rules are left to stand as they are. 

The biggest contradiction is left until the end. Koch’s brief talks about the Cup becoming something that people don’t want to follow and that sponsors will ultimately stop funding – however he says to BYM News

“Although a lot of people think all these events are taking away from the Cup, but I’m contrary on that view. I think they add to it, because they add a lot more interesting flavours to it and a lot more intrigue and glamour behind it.”

We are not sure that there are many fans or sponsors who see glamour in a court case.