Boating Babe Kelly Brook to Open Show! 3

2008 saw Ben Ainslie win Gold at the Olympics and Sailor of the year. Andrew Pindar got a gong from the Queen. Richard Branson stepped aboard Virgin Money for a record attempt. Jemma Grobbelaar set a women’s speed record. Nicole Kidman got in trouble for mooring her 2007 Palmer Johnson PJ 150 Motor Yacht in the wrong place. So who are National Boat Shows (NBS) paying to open the London International Boat Show? None other than glamour model, tv-presenter and FHM Sexiest Woman – Kelly Brook. 

It makes perfect sense. How else do you get the remaining bankers out of their offices to come and look at boats in the middle of winter? How do you make sure that you get some coverage from papers that think that Football is the only game in town? It’s marketing genius – and yacht race organisers of the world should take note. 

While you might think that Ms Brook may not have m(any) credentials for such an event, we should remind all that – The Main Stage – Powered by Fairline will return to the 2009 Show. Visitors will be dazzled by theatrical shows, marine inspired catwalk collections, engaging seminars and much more running throughout each day. 

We’ll be at the Show next week, so stay tuned for our unique insight. Meanwhile, we have unconfirmed reports that Paris Hilton will submit an Amicus Brief later this week. Ms Hilton has been around yachts all her life and insiders believe that her testimony will carry as much weight as many of the other briefs submitted so far. It is not known which side the brief will favour.

  • BoatBoy

    Too Funny. What a way to end the day (UK). Thank guys – keep it up.

  • Gnarls Sharky

    Jemma Grobbelaar would have been a cool choice. Gorgeous and amazing boarder. Kelly Brook has also been photographed on tons of gin palaces though, so I am sure they took that into account.

  • Marketing Man

    Puma seem to be able to get it right.

    Lucy Boggis, Heptathlete and Tempest in Gladiators opens The Puma Mast Challenge on Potters Field by Tower Bridge, London today.