Ecover Returns for Half Ton Cup Sponsorship

The Half Ton Class Europe is proud to announce that ECOVER, European market leader for environmentally friendly cleaning products, and heavily involved in the sailing business through a long term sponsorship of the Open 60 sailing team of Mike Golding, has agreed for the 4th consecutive time to be the main sponsor of the Half Ton Classics Cup.

The 4th ECOVER Half Ton Classics Cup will be organized in Nieuwpoort (Belgium) by the Koninklijke Yacht Club Nieuwpoort and the Brussels Royal Yacht Club in (very) close cooperation with the Half Ton Class Europe. Race dates are from 24 – 29 August. Both organizing clubs have historical experience in organizing sailing events. The KYCN is one of the few yacht clubs to have hosted all 4 ‘Ton’ Cups: Quarter ton in 1983, Half Ton (classics) in 2003, Three quarter ton in 1987, One Ton Cup in 1985. Since many years the Brussels Royal Yacht Club has been co-organizing many local regattas, some with international aura, such as the Breskens Sailing Weekend.

Many teams have already indicated their strong interest in the 2009 event. Apart from the entire Belgian ½ ton fleet (including 2003 winner General Tapioca), UK teams like Harlequin, Per Elisa, Chia Chia, Santa Evita and Alchemist, Finnish boats Blues and Crescendo as well as a German half tonner Zick-Zack have announced their presence. Also strong teams from Ireland, France and Holland will participate in the event. Worth mentioning is that there is a strong interest from Italy and Spain to have one Mediterranean team in the final entry list.

The use of the IRC rating rule allows older boats such as a Super Arlequin, Golden Shamrock or even a Feeling 850R to compete on equal terms with the latest halftonner prototype designs. It is worth noting that in all 3 editions of the event to date, it has been the older boats (some heavily modified) which stand on the podium at the end of the week.

Finally, the organizing committee also invites the old IOR three-quarter and quarter tonners to come to Nieuwpoort and enjoy the racing. They will sail on separate courses, but their crews can attend same bars & parties in the evening…

The 4th Ecover Half Ton Classics Cup will be officially announced during the Belgian Boatshow, held from 7 to 15 February in Flanders Expo/Ghent.