GILL Gear Ready for Armed Forces Battle

On the 11th July 2009, the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force will set off around the world, in a yacht race.

Once again, sailing equipment manufacturers are showing that they understand the need to test and innovate using racing. Gill, will supply all of the clothing for the three teams, and company chairman, Nick Gill, will be on board for part of the race in order to learn more about the needs of the round the world sailors and how their kit performs.

The kit requirements include everything from full three layer waterproofs to bags and polo shirts, but the key piece of kit is undoubtedly Gill’s cutting edge OC Racer Jacket and Trousers, which are specially designed for ocean racing at the highest level.

The Expedition will involve three 20m (67ft) Challenge yachts crewed by members of the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force respectively, each with 14 onboard (skipper, mate and 12 working crew). In all, over 500 service personnel will be taking part as active crew, including many returning from active service on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, some of whom have also been injured whilst serving their country. The Expedition will set out from Gosport, UK, to sail round the world in 13 stages.

This will be a tough exercise with extremes of weather, from severe gales in the Southern Ocean to the heat and humidity of the tropics, so Gill will be providing each crewman with the very best gear available. The boats will also be competing in two major yacht races along the way; the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race in December 2009, and the Stanford Antigua Race Week in May 2010.

“This will be a tough event, so it needs tough clothing,” said Squadron Leader Neil Cottrell, the Project Officer. “The racing, both official and unofficial, will be intense, so we need the gear that can cope with everything. Gill has come through for us, and we’re absolutely delighted to have such high quality kit for the Transglobe.”

Bryan Stewart, Gill’s International Sales Manager commented, “We have great faith in our forces, and it’s good to know they have great faith in us. We are very pleased to be involved in such a great event. This Expedition is also a fantastic opportunity to have our own staff, from different Gill offices throughout the world, crewing for part of this challenging event.”