Online Game Players Prepare with Oman Sail

Another real time, round the world game starts today in conjunction with Oman Sail’s attempt at a record.

Oman Sail’s 75 foot trimaran Musandam is ready to depart on her circumnavigation of the globe with a five man crew, including Mohsin Ali Al Busaidi, who is to attempt to become the first ever Omani to sail around the world.┬áIt will also be the first circumnavigation for the two French and two British Musandam crew.

Weather dependent, Musandam (the trimaran formerly known as Dame Ellen MacArthur’s world record breaking B&Q/Castorama) will depart Marina Bander Al Rowdha for the start line tomorrow, Thursday, 8 January 2009 at 1400.

In their first attempt to sail Musandam non-stop from Muscat to Muscat, Mohsin and the international crew are likely to sail over 40,000 kilometres via the Indian Ocean and the three great capes of the Southern Ocean before turning left and heading back towards Muscat. The five crew will endure the calms and heat of the tropics for only 10 percent of the journey and will spend the majority of the trip in the freezing and hostile Southern Ocean where temperatures, with wind chill, will regularly be below -10 degrees.

You can follow Musandam’s journey on the Oman Sail website, where there is also a dedicated Race Console. Daily latest news is available, a 2d map showing where the boat is and a leaderboard as Musandam ‘races’ against an 80 day and 100 day pace boat.

Musandam crew:

  • Loik Gallon (FRA) – Skipper
  • Mohsin Ali Al Busaidi (Oman)
  • Thierry Duprey Du Vorsent (FRA)
  • Charles Darbyshire (GBR)
  • Nick Houchin (GBR)