Desjoyeaux to Tackle Technology Transfer

Michel Desjoyeaux, winner of the most recent Vendee Globe, has been talking about his future projects. The skipper of Foncia said:

“I’m trying to find ways to use my experience to try to resolve problems in other sports. For example, I’m in contact with a sports federation where it may be possible to transfer our technologies.

With Mer Agitée (Desjoyeaux’s company), I’d like to work too on new technologies to improve wheel chairs, making them of carbon, which is of course, much lighter. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time in particular with a friend who is in a wheel chair… I’d really like to help people working in that area. This is important to me and I’ve already come up with a few sketches…

I’m also working with my partner FONCIA about what comes after 2009…”.

While the idea of creating better medical equipment from high-end yacht racing techology is a great one, surely the sport of sailing has many issues to resolve before helping sports.