Groupama Continue to Back Cammas for Record Attempts

Frank Cammas has relaunched Groupama 3, just 12 months after it capsized near New Zealand.

The title sponsor of the team and vessal, Groupam, are standing behind Franck Cammas and his team. Frédérique Granado, Director of External Communication said then:

‘The adventure we’ve been involved in with Franck Cammas since 1997 has comprised some really great moments as well as some difficult periods at times… This capsize doesn’t call into question the harmonious collaboration and the trust we have in Franck’

The true extent of their commitment and solidarity, the mainstays of the principles of action developed by the Group from the start, really became evident in this new challenge…

The trimaran was returned to France in record time and ten months in the yard and 50,000 hours of work later, Groupama 3 is returning to its natural element for a 2009 campaign of record attempts, which will take her into the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean and finally around the World in November for the Jules Verne Trophy.

Stéphane Guilbaud, team manager of the Groupama trimarans says:

‘Last winter, we really came close to catastrophe and losing the boat. Seeing Groupama 3 back in her natural element today takes us back to June 2006, and the date she was first launched. Two and a half years have gone by and we are even stronger today. This is initially due to the fact that we’ve learnt how to get the full potential out of her, but also because we have made her stronger.’

‘Some time on the ocean is now called for in order to test out the various elements which have been optimised. In the meantime, Groupama 3 will return to her base in Lorient in Southern Brittany, where her mast will be stepped and the boat will be fully kitted out for an initial sail scheduled for 23rd February, following static tests.’

The four records held by Groupama 3:

  • The Discovery Route (Cadiz – San Salvador) in 7 days, 10 hours and 58 minutes at an average of 21.7 knots
  • Miami – New York in 1 day, 11 hours and 5 minutes at an average of 27 knots
  • New York – Lizard Point in 4 days, 3 hours and 58 minutes at an average of 29.26 knots
  • Distance covered in 24 hours of 794 miles at an average of 33.08 knots

The three record attempts scheduled for 2009:

  • Marseilles – Carthage in May. Record held by Orange 2 in 17 hours and 56 minutes at an average of 25.5 knots
  • New York – Lizard Point in July and August. Record held by Groupama 3
  • Jules Verne Trophy in November. Record held by Orange 2 in 50 days 16 hours and 20 minutes at an average of 17.89 knots