NZ Announces Olypic Funding for Sailing

Coming on the heels of Emirates Team New Zealand’s success in the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series, the country’s Sports and Recreation Commision (SPARC) has released details of funding for Olympic sports leading up to the 2012 games in London.

From 2005-2008, Sailing recieved $6.7 million while from 2009-2012 the estimated funding will be $8.6 million.

This represents about 20% of the funding received by Australian sailing and probably about 10% of that for Great Britain.

Funding for sailing, is in line with recent years, but due to international factors like exchange rates, this will mean a reduction in real terms.

There has been no comment from Yachting New Zealand at this stage.

SPARC said in a statement:

‘Priority has been given to sports with the greatest chance of success. We have had to be uncompromising in applying criteria based on past performance and the likelihood of future success.

The funding levels are locked in for the next two years, after which a mid-term review against the various high performance plans will be conducted. Funding levels will be maintained for the following two years though to 2012 if targets are being met.