DARK BLUE BOOK Offers One Last Chance… But it Will Cost You!

The DARK BLUE BOOK, the who’s who of Yacht Racing directory is offering people who work in the business one last chance to be included in the global directory. The book, that will be published annually by Pilote Media, will be available for sale in April.

David Fuller, Editor of the directory says:

“If you have sent in your forms, then our researchers and designers are currently adding you into the book, but if you haven’t, then you have two ways of making the first edition. You can advertise, or you can pay a small fee to cover the extra work we have to do to get you included.”

The directory has recieved fantastic support from the yacht racing community, with high profile people spreading the word to friends, business partners and even fellow competitors.

“Those who have embraced the concept will get the best results from the book,” says David. “It makes sense if you are a competitive team to list your key people, your press partners, the company that built your website, the guys you get your kit from.”

The project was concieved in late 2008, based on similar directories that exist for other professional sports.

“It’s the first edition, so we are going to miss some people out. We’ve tried to contact as many people as possible and we are grateful to those who have spread the word to include individuals that we hadn’t considered. We still want people to be included, but we have to close the door and go to print at a point. That’s why we are offering this one last chance.”

The DARK BLUE BOOK will give be a great resource for all aspects of professional yacht racing including competing teams in America’s Cup, World Match Racing Tour, Audi Med Cup, iShares Cup and big offshore races. It features sponsors, journalists, photographers, designers and other suppliers.

For your last chance to be included amongst the Who’s Who of Yacht Racing, see http://www.darkbluebook.com/submission-form/