Jobson Offers Suggestions for Changing the America’s Cup

Gary Jobson writing in Sailing World says that the America’s Cup should be reorganised including returning to nationalistic roots.

On Alinghi, Jobson writes:

“The Swiss team’s owner Ernesto Bertarelli simply wants to control every aspect of the regatta. Most egregious is the demand that his team be permitted to participate in the challenger trials…. Rather than engaging directly with the challengers, the defender should be encouraging multiple defense syndicates to compete, similar to the past practice of the New York YC, the Royal Perth YC, and the San Diego YC.”

He argues for a return to nationalistic roots saying:

“Crews, designers, builders, and managers should be nationals of the country they represent. This single requirement would bring back interest of the general public, which has been lacking in the most recent matches. I also think the match should be sailed in the home waters of the defender, not put out to bid to host cities.”

Jobson argues that the Cup should come under the management of a professional body like a National Football League.

“An appropriate example is the system set up by the highly successful National Football League, which employs a commissioner with considerable authority to run the league. The league office would employ regatta administrators, umpires, judges, and race committees. This would not be the charge of the defender, as Alinghi would have it today. The AC “Commissioner” would answer to the stakeholders (past trustees and all participants).”

All this is fine, but would it still be the America’s Cup?

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