Local Business Support for BVI Spring Regatta

This site devotes a lot of space to sponsorship of competitors and teams, but the sponsorship of events is an important part of the sport. While some, like Cowes Week, are struggling to get support, destinations around the world supported by innovative tourist boards and business communities are well aware of the economic benefits of yacht racing.

Events like the BVI Spring Regatta, running this year from 30 March to 5 April, play a significant role in the local economy. The event brings more tourists and dollars to the local community than any other sporting event throughout the year.

Local BVI businesses understand the event brings global attention and gives them an opportunity to promote their products and services. Companies like Victor International, developers and owners of Oil Nut Bay and North Sound Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda have a lot to gain from sponsorship of such an event.

Where once the focus of the media for such an event might have been the sailing press and local television, new media is now allowing a truly global audience.

UK-based TKZ will be working with the Regatta organisers in 2009 to provide daily, high definition video reports on the racing to the Regatta’s website. The daily video reports will also be available on the Regatta’s Facebook page and on TKZ’s YouTube Channel.