Brush up on the Racing Rules With Podcasts by Bryan Willis.

Something a little different. It’s not business or sponsorship, but we also like to make the most of nw technology goodies on the web, so here are a couple of podcasts about the racing rules by Bryan Willis. Having chaired international juries at major events throughout the world including the Sydney Olympics and recentĀ  America’s Cups he knows a thing or two about what you can, can’t or must to while out competing on the water.

Podcast 1. Why Change the Rules?

In this, the first of three racing rules of sailing podcasts, Bryan Willis talks about how he got involved with the racing scene, how and why the rules get updated and the main changes for the recent 2009-2012 revision.

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Podcast 2: What rules do you actually need to know?

In the second of Bryan Willis; racing rules podcasts, he discusses what rules the club racer needs to know, what rules cause the most confusion on the water and offers a few suggestions for how to use the rules to your advantage.

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Podcast 3. Umpiring and Protests

In the last of the three racing rules podcasts, expert author Bryan Willis talks about the advantages of on the water umpiring, offers his own advice on making the most of the protest process and how to present strong evidence to the committee.
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