Business Help for Australian Marine Industry.

Sometimes it’s hard to define industries, especially those that are relatively niche. Perhaps we have been brainwashed by some census maker or computer programmer who never thought of our industry and so we had to choose another, less descriptive box – like manufacturing.

Often, when listing this site in directories or databases, it is difficult to know where to put it. Sports & Leisure? Business? Web?

If you tick the box for Australian, Marine Industy, Manufacturer then help is here. The Australian International Marine Export Group (AIMEX) and Australian Marine Industries Federation (AMIF) have been awarded a grant by Enterprise Connect (DIISR), to host a total of 10 Seminars to be held nationally throughout April and May in 2009.

These seminars will assist marine industry manufacturing businesses to remain competitive, be innovative and develop appropriate business and manufacturing strategies to manage through the current economic downturn.

In these interactive seminars business experts from Madison Cross Corporate Advisory will provide an insight into many topics such as generating sales, diversification strategies, cost management, inventory management, export strategies and support, turnaround strategies and much more. Seminars will be held in capital cities and members who attend will gain a wealth of knowledge from industry experts and guest speakers.

AIMEX Chief Executive Officer MaryAnne Edwards said

Whilst most businesses would acknowledge they need additional knowledge and expertise in these areas most do not have the time to find it or cannot afford to pay for it. By running these workshops we hope to provide the knowledge and tools to allow the marine industry to be innovative, efficient and competitive and survive these difficult times.’

‘We also see these times as more important than ever to develop opportunities where the industry can meet together with their peers to discuss issues that are affecting everyone in this climate, this type of networking within a seminar environment can be invaluable support for individuals struggling to know the best strategy to take in this market.’

Seminars will be hosted in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Information will also be available on the AIMEX website or contact AIMEX on Tel: 61 3 9682 1255