ConocoPhillips Sponsoring Sailing in the Middle East.

International energy company ConocoPhillips has, for the second consecutive year, sponsored the Regatta Sailing Academy’s International Award youth expeditions from Qatar to Bahrain and the UAE, as well as the Bahrain International Regattas, corporate yachting and team building events.

Students from Doha College, Park House English School and the American School of Doha participated on the COP sponsored yacht, ‘The Office ‘ as it sailed three gold award runs to Abu Dhabi. The Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club helped facilitate the arrival of the students into the UAE.

‘The Office’ event is an extreme light displacement, distinctive ‘Mark’ logo high performance racing yachts with Kevlar hulls and carbon fibre spars. ConocoPhillips’ branding is clearly visible on the ultra lightweight spinnakers and moulded Kevlar sails.

ConocoPhillips’ also sponsored the bronze and silver Awards to Bahrain.

Mike Lawton, general manager of the Regatta Sailing Academy commented:

“We are fortunate to have ConocoPhillips’ support for our sailing programme. Sponsorship of such events permits sports to flourish and allows for the participation of many more students.”

George Findling, Acting President, ConocoPhillips’ Qatar stated:

“We are very happy to be sponsoring the 2009 International Awards. ConocoPhillips’ wants to see sports education flourish in Qatar amongst its youth. “